Dating sites people suffer depression

01-Sep-2017 13:37

on a dating site I would wait until after the 1st date, when both parties are sure they might be interested in seeing each other, then it would be more appropriate to share sensitive info b4 the relationship progresses.

I don't think I'd run if it was depression, but I'd have to know more about the person and how it has affected them (did it require hospitalization-how many, etc) so I can understand the severity and patterns of coming off meds, etc. But, if the person isn't serious about getting better (as evidenced by frequent off med episodes) and it was then negatively impacting their life (job loss,erratic behavior etc) I don't think I could stay w/ them.

A challenging part of dating while depressed is a challenging part of dating in general: Putting yourself out there in ways that won’t make you want to self-immolate.

For a long time, I joined Tinder and Bumble and all the sites you’re supposed to join as a hip young person, only to find that I could never bring myself to deliver on a date because I could never bring myself to actually leave my house.

First to all..~Who Me~ who stated: "On the other side of the coin - some of the meds cause sexual dysfunction -usually for men it's raging erections with no relief.", sexual dysfunction can definitely be part of the side effects of meds for depression, however, I have never heard of raging hard ons being one of these side effects!

The story behind Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s liaison with Google Glass marketing manager Amanda Rosenberg—and his split from his wife, genetic-testing entrepreneur Anne Wojcicki— has a decidedly futuristic edge.

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Managing mood on a day-to-day basis is an uphill, hellish hike of complete uncertainty, but it’s something I’ve grown to understand.Are there any chat/ dating sites online to provide a service for specific groups of people, i.e in this case - someone who suffers from depression?I know there are depression forums, where people discuss their feelings and seek for a support, but is there some kind of site, designed specifically for people who are...Yes and pills do not necessarily make the problem go away..ex is a good case in point.

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They'd put him on the meds but he never went to couseling.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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