Dating with dog lovers

23-Oct-2017 05:15

Needless to say, my heart is still healing, my dating skills are lacking, and I grasp onto the subject of my Pit Bull, Bunch, as a crutch in those anxiety-filled dating moments. I’ve found that there’s no sense in going on a first date with someone who doesn’t at least claim to love dogs. After all, my first bumper sticker at the age of 16 read: “The more men I meet, the more I love my dog.” But while I may be too picky in general when dating, the truth is that we dog lovers cannot be too picky when it comes to finding a co-parent for our dogs.

One thing’s for sure: Within three minutes of meeting me, the guy knows I love dogs. In the less-than-truthful world of dating, we’ve all run into that guy who, when you mention your dog, exclaims, “I love dogs! About Kelly Pulley: Longtime dog owner and Pit Bull guru, Kelly has been a writer for Dogster for many years.

Or, if you're out of the dating market, did you seek out people with dogs to date when you were actively dating?

For the non-dog lovers out there, dating a dog lover may seem a bit overwhelming as our adorable pooch will take top dibs.

If that is the type of love and affection your potential date gives her furry companion, imagine what’s in store for you?!

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