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EBKAC – Error between keyboard and chair ECB – Evil Crazy Bitch ED – Erase display ED – Erectile dysfunction EF4T – Effort EG – Evil grin EIP – Editing in progress EMA – E-mail address EMFBI – Excuse me for butting in EMSG – E-mail message ENUF – Enough EPD – Episode EOD – End of discussion EOD – End Of Days EOL – End of lecture EOL – End of life EOM – End of message EOT – End of transmission EODZ – End Of dayz ERS2 – Eres tz / are you () FAA – Federal Air Authority FAF – Funny as fuck FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions FBF – Fat boy food (e.g.

pizza, burgers, fries) FBM – Fine by me FC – Fingers crossed FC’INGO – For crying out loud FEITCTAJ – Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke FFS – For Fuck’ sakes FICCL – Frankly, I couldn’t care a less FIDGAD – Frankly, I don’t give a Damn FIIK – Fucked if I know FIIOOH – Forget it, I’m out of here FIMH – Forever in my heart FISH – First in, still here FITB – Fill in the blank FOMC – Falling off my chair FOAD – Fuck off and die FO&D – Fuck off and die FOMCL – Falling off my chair laughing FPS – First Person Shooter FRT – For real though FTBOMH – From the bottom of my heart FTW – For the win FUBAR – Fouled up beyond all recognition FUBAR – Fucked up beyond All recognition FUBB – Fouled up beyond belief G – Grin G – Giggle G/F – Girlfriend G2CU – Good to see you G2G – Got to go G2R – Got to run G9 – Genius GA – Go ahead GAL – Get a life GAS – Got a second ?

My go-to example of a practical and useful machine learning application is one I worked on when I was a research assistant at the Naval Postgraduate School: automated detection of child predators in online chat rooms.

Using relatively simple methods (Naive Bayes), we were able to detect whether a chat between two people consisted of an adult male attempting to solicit sex from a minor with close to 90% accuracy based primarily on word choice.

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It will also add audio chats similar to phone calls for the first time.The company is also launching a series of stickers — ready-made reactions and pictures that can be sent to friends within chat.

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