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His message and the message of Christianity can get so twisted, and for such weird reasons.”King wrote seven different pieces for the film, to tie into various scenes, including interviews with priests or other religion experts, members of the queer community as well as animated scenes.She said she’ll be wrapping up her commitment with the film sometime next month, and that the film should be released sometime in the next year.Somewhat of a rarity, King is known as simply a great musician (and “guitar virtuoso,” “indie songstress, ‘s first-ever female “Guitar God”, etc.) as opposed to a great queer musician.Though she’s out, her talent transcends label and sub-genres.In the next few months, King will be touring Australia and Europe — and definitely not watching has ever been a very good show. It’s a soap opera about lesbians and a lot of times it’s flat out terrible.”If one thing’s for sure about Kaki King, it’s that she’s quite passionate about what she believes in (or believes totally sucks).

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It seems like even if it’s something you didn’t intend to do, it’s become thatway.In one of these most recent interviews Tegan and/or Sara talk about how they're confident that writing while happy and in healthy relationships can still produce great songs.