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The Höchst manufactory was founded in 1746 and in its first years produced “only” faience.

The artistic director of Höchst’s foundational period, Adam Friedrich Löwenfinck, called these products “Fayence-Porzellan,” using a double term that shows his special familiarity with the technical differences between these two forms of ceramics.

The Baroque porcelain menagerie features a great number of birds, amongst which the exotic parrots hold a special place.

The present text sees the grateful task of providing an introduction to this pair of faience parrots being gladly undertaken by an art historian.

Mr Littler said birds make the perfect pets for people of all ages.

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Having helped her father care for finches, Mrs Porter got her first budgie 23 years ago, and within a few years her husband of 25 years Richard, 67, was forced to build an aviary in the couple's back garden for her growing brood.A fascinating series of pictures have captured a python snake eating a king parrot in one bite.The images, taken in Agnes Waters, Queensland, show how the snake constricts and eats its prey.As the parrot figure with mushrooms growing on the tree stump bears the wheel mark and the decorator’s sign “IZ,” it is clear that it was made at the porcelain manufactory of Höchst in the electorate of Mainz.

This must also be true of its companion piece: Although it is unmarked, the very fact that the two bear the same decoration makes it unthinkable that it can have been made anywhere else.It's the third annual sale that is the major fundraiser for the Burnett Bird Keepers association and anything from quail to a macaw may be on sale.