Updating ipod without syncing

18-Jan-2018 13:55

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It is a free product from the makers of Copy Trans Manager, and it can be found here: Trans-Drivers-Installer/3000-18546_4-75300288.html?

tag=mncol WARNING: If using the Copy Trans Drivers Installer product with any i Tunes installer from version 10.5 upwards then you will need to install Quicktime manually (if it isn't already installed on your system), without Quicktime installed the Media Monkey i Pod/i Phone plugin will not operate correctly.

You'll now see a folder call "ipod_control"—double-click to access it, and simply copy or drag and drop your mp3 files into it!

That's it, now you have music on your i Pod without ever having to use i Tunes!

Apple i Tunes has been redesigned, and figuring out the new interface can be a bit daunting.

Copying playlists to an i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod is a bit different depending on the version you are using.

Any differences will be explained in more detail later on.

Related Information: How to copy / backup music from an i Phone or i Pod You can then sync your i Pod with Media Monkey without i Tunes. You can install the needed drivers for your i Pod Touch, i Phone, or i Pad by using the Copy Trans Drivers Installer.

You can download any i OS software updates for i Pad, i Phone, and i Pod touch without using i Tunes.

This guide is intended to guide a user through syncing any Apple portable device including all i Pod versions including the i Pod touch, i Phone, i Pod shuffle, and i Pod nano.

Following the steps below will allow you to sync your music from Media Monkey to your device while allowing you to continue to use i Tunes to sync your picture and video without interfering with any of your music files.

Yes, you read that correctly, in order to add a song to an i Phone (i Pod, etc) wirelessly and without syncing the entire device, you have to enable a feature that suggests kind of the opposite.

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This is very easy to do, but surprisingly, wi-fi syncing is disabled by default.Take the time to enable it though, you’ll be happy you did.